Meagan's Moda, about, American fashion blogger in Italy

Hi there and welcome to my blog! I’m Meagan, an American style blogger currently based in Amman, Jordan. I’ve loved everything fashion-related since I was a little girl, and after some encouragement and a lot of help from my husband, Meagan’s Moda was launched back in September 2013 as a platform for sharing my passion for all things style-related. My favorite looks blend pieces at high and low-budget points, and I hope you will find my site to be a source of inspiration for your own style mixology.

The dynamic of my blog has changed a lot since moving overseas. I had a very different career for six years as a first grade teacher before my husband and I moved to Rome, Italy. We lived there for two years, then relocated to Jordan in April 2016. With our new lifestyle, I’ve enjoyed incorporating travel into my posts as well as sharing what it’s like to live abroad, both of which I hope you’ll enjoy reading!

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you’ll be back–your support makes this blog possible!

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