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{ Oversized Sweater & Over-the-Knee Boots }

By Wednesday, November 2, 2016 9

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday was a Catholic holiday here in Rome, so my husband and I both had the day off from work. We rode the Vespa into Centro and did a little shopping, had some gelato, and stopped at Piazza Argentina (otherwise known as Rome's 'Cat Sanctuary'). It's an enclosed space built around Roman ruins ...

{ Lace-up Love: Tan sweater, Boyfriend shorts & Mule wedges }

By Monday, August 8, 2016 15

Oh Monday, we meet again! We didn't do anything too exciting this weekend, which was kind of nice since I needed a few days at home. Most of my Saturday morning was spent baking my husband's favorite vanilla mousse cheesecake for his birthday (which is actually today). I've always loved baking cheesecakes, but for some reason it's taken ...