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{ How To Make Any Outfit Look Edgy }

By Friday, November 11, 2016 13

Happy Friday, everyone! This week has flown by and since my husband and I both have Veterans' Day off from work, we are spending the day together running some errands. We're also getting ready for the arrival of my husband's good friend on Saturday---he'll be staying with us for a week and we have a ...

{ Oversized Sweater & Over-the-Knee Boots }

By Wednesday, November 2, 2016 9

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday was a Catholic holiday here in Rome, so my husband and I both had the day off from work. We rode the Vespa into Centro and did a little shopping, had some gelato, and stopped at Piazza Argentina (otherwise known as Rome's 'Cat Sanctuary'). It's an enclosed space built around Roman ruins ...