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{ Christmas Town: Rothenburg, Germany }

By Sunday, January 31, 2016 1

Christmas in Rothenburg Germany, travel bloggerOne of our travel priorities while being in Europe for Christmas was to visit a place where we would experience plenty of the holiday spirit since we couldn’t be home with family this year. We had heard a lot about the Christmas markets of Germany and several people mentioned that Rothenburg was the best town to see them, so we made our way there to spend three days in December. It’s safe to say we were not disappointed and would recommend this quaint medieval town to anyone planning to visit Germany!Rothenburg Germany, medieval village, travel blogger

Rothenburg Germany wallwall, Rothenburg Germany wall, travel blog, medieval fortressRothenburg Germany wall, medieval village of Rothenburg, travel bloggerThe town of Rothenburg is entirely surrounded by a stone wall, which people can explore on foot while visiting. Once used as protection for the inhabitants of the village, now the wall gives tourists a feel for what it was like to live here during medieval times.Rothenburg Germany medieval village, things to see in Rothenburg, travel blogRothenburg Germany, medieval,Those who decide to walk the wall will be rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.IMG_5709-1

Foodmulled wine Rothenburg GermanyRothenburg Germany mulled wine, gluhweinWe enjoyed plenty of street food from the vendors in the Christmas market, especially the mulled glühwein (hot spiced wine). Each mug cost about €4,50 and you would receive a €1,50 deposit upon returning the empty mug to any of the drink stands. Not only is it absolutely delicious, sipping a warm mug is the ideal way to keep warm while exploring (and acceptable to drink any time of day!)schneeballen rothenburg germany, snowball, christmas market germanyschneeballen Rotheburg Germany, best place to get schneeball, travel bloggerAlthough my husband would probably say he liked the glühwein best, I couldn’t get enough of the schneeballen (snowballs), a traditional Christmas treat in Rothenburg. Strips of dough are fried and covered in your choice of powdered sugar, melted chocolate, or butter and cinnamon sugar (my favorite!)

Christmas Market Rothenburg Germanynutcrackers made in Germany, German Christmas market, Rothenburg GermanyGerman Christmas decorations, Rothenburg GermanyIf you love decorating for the holidays, look no further than Germany to find some of the most unique pieces you’ll ever add to your collection. We purchased so many Christmas decorations that we had to empty one of our suitcases just to transport them home! Christmas market Rothenburg Germany, travel bloggerThe Christmas markets are a nice place to enjoy the holiday atmosphere once it gets dark, but you’ll want to be there for your last mug of glühwein before 8:00 P.M., when the stands close for the evening.Christmas in Rotheburg, Germany, travel bloggerChristmas decorations in Rothenburg Germany, travel blogRothenburg Germany, Christmas decorations, travel blogChristmas in Rothenburg GermanyThe true magic of Rothenburg happens when the sun sets and the twinkling lights shine on every street: the very definition of a Christmas Town.schneeball, Rothenburg Germany, travel bloggerDon’t forget to take some schneeballen with you when you leave–all of the stores offer to-go packages, as well as worldwide shipping!

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  • Jody Mumaw
    January 31, 2016

    Very interesting Meagan! Thank you for the vivid description of this beautiful town. I will travel vicariously via you and your hubby! I enjoy all of your posts! Take care, Jody

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